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09-02-01 ....... NOTAM: .......... IT'S HERE ..... San Francisco Int'l complete with very active Dynamic scenery.

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Welcome ! FS 98 & 2K Scenery with
Dynamic Scenery Air & Ground Traffic.

Hello, I served as the Chief Pilot for North Slope Borough Search and Rescue (SAR) until June 2001. I have relocated to Boise Idaho and now traveling the world teaching the art of flying with Night Vision Goggles (NVG's), with Aviation Specialties.

As time permits I will include some NVG photo's and change my page to reflect my new position as Director of Training for Aviation Specialties.

I have used Flight Simulator as a training aid for pilots to both refresh and maintain IFR procedures. Adding to the realism, I've introduced Dynamic Scenery. This adds air traffic and ground traffic for your flights. Unlike most dynamic scenery, mine loops and is continuous. Most flying models pushback from a gate, takeoff and return for an ILS or GPS approach.
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